Te Orihau Karaitiana
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Stand For Something

Stand For Something was a part of a title for a article I read in a magazine, the article interviewed a vast number of ages with artistic backgrounds of what do they stand for? Just the heading alone really made a connection with me, So I thought long and hard about that heading and started to write down words that I felt strongly about. The first couple were words like love, live and life, but with life comes lost and then I just kept on adding more and more words. I looked at my mess of a brainstorm and knew from that point, I will stand up by celebrating  the memories of a loved one that has lost their life. So that their story and fight may live on and that is where the name of the collection is so suitable, may it be to stand for something or stand for some one it can be applied to everyone and everything.

I researched microscopic images of viruses and found out that how ever deadly they can be under a microscope they look so beautiful, I wanted to mimic some of the images found by using them to embellish the garments.