Silka Corbett
Visual Arts and Design

Ebawob was a book designed to support the young reader, especially those with dyslexia. Ebawob was loosely inspired by Dick Bruna’s character Miffy, and his minimalist techniques influenced the style and colour choices.

Ebawob Wants to Play is an interactive sophisticated picture book, containing different layers of meaning. Ebawob is a simple character who encourages the young reader to feel they know so much more than Ebawob, thus nurturing reader confidence. The text and illustrations promotes the reader to add their prior knowledge, to tell a story that written words alone could not.  Additional visual features of interactive flaps, inspire the child to engage with the story in a way text cannot. On each page, the object in the illustration and matching text are printed in the same colour, creating a visual connection between the word and image. Any questions email me