Jiangyan Chen
Screen Production

I came to New Zealand from mainland China in 2014 to study Screen Production at EIT. I feel so lucky to be in this course, which is hands-on throughout. I’ve learned a lot of technical and theoretical stuff,  producing 2 television commercials during my first year and a short film in the second year with the help of my lovely tutors and classmates.


Because I’ve had over three years experience in Post Production back in China, I enjoyed the post production process most. I like still photography, so I’m very interested in camera and lighting too. I would like to be a Director Of Photography (DOP) in the future, if I have any chance. Actually becoming a DOP is my career goal.


I am a quick-learner, hard-working person, who is passionate about the screen industry and I do what I can in a given situation to make any project I work on look its best on screen.


022 1971821