Ella Kaijser
Fashion Apparel

Espíritu Libre

My collection started from hearing stories and seeing photos of relatives journeys around the world.  Elements of those stories inspired me to look into traditional American Indian, African tribal and Spanish cultures, and to take aspects of the cultures to incorporate into my collection.  I was inspired by these cultures use of prints and bold colours.  I was also motivated by the time and detail put into keepinbg their cultures alive.

My collection was also inspired by 1980’s style after finding photos of my parents as a young couple in the 80’s.  Elements of this also inspired me to research further into the classic 80’s trends.  From this research I took aspects of the 80’s styles such as pleats, baggy tops, and high waisted pants and made them my own.  My designs are simple,  but are also very bold and colourful causing them to stand out.

Espíritu Libre means “Free Spirit” in Spanish