Cleavelin Manaena-Cook
Contemporary Music

The stage is a place where Cleavelin feels at his most comfortable, it’s a place where he steps into the shoes of a performer, he creates an environment of what he once grew up on, 80s pop, 70s soul and Teletubbies. His music gives vibes of popular culture, dance and soulful roots. Listening to Michael Jackson on the second hand MP3 player that his parents got him for Christmas was the beginning of a dream and MJ has certainly shown through in Cleavelin's work. Winning multiple awards early in his career gave Cleavelin certainty towards music as a career, none more than winning the respect from fellow musicians. He is now working towards releasing a solo EP at the end of this year as well as working in the band Stolen Records which will keep him busy for the remainder of 2015 and a fair way through 2016.