Aiai Kavana
Visual Arts and Design

Migration is not just about people, it is also about movement of culture, customs, language, knowledge and skills.

Fashion is a way of expressing ethnicity and this is what connects me to my Mother.

CULTURE - This work is made from fibres used by my Aitupuna (ancestors) and my people today.

COLONISATION - Both the lacebark and harakeke are fibres used by NZ Maori, who we have always acknowledge as our people who left and landed on the shores of Aotearoa.

Green represents the land, turquoise the lagoon (which is our main food source) and the skirt represents 2015, the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC.  The squares in the layers of the skirt represent the 500+ of our men who were involved in WW1, particularly my grandfather (WW1) and my brother (NZ Army) who passed away recently.

RE-BIRTH - This work represents all that we bring when we migrate to another place.